Document Management: at the heart of every business

Get it right and your files, data and critical information will be kept securely in a place where people can access it.

Get it wrong, and your workflow can be erratic, your productivity impaired – and your workforce may feel disenchanted as a result.

With so much at stake, there’s every reason to spend time looking into the right document management system that could help your business thrive.

It’s not so easy

Yet many professionals in charge of document management find creating their dream document management system a challenge.

And with so much choice on the market in terms of hardware and software, who can blame them?

So, here we’ll take a look at some of the most common challenges that you may be facing when it comes to the storing, processing and sharing of your company’s information – and what you can do to overcome them.

The top 7 document management challenges

1. Filing’s in a fix

Important files saved on desktops. Fragmented processes leading to duplication. Random file names for important papers. Sound familiar? If your company lacks a coherent filing system then critical information can be misplaced, time will be wasted and productivity could suffer as a result. A cloud-based centralised document management system can put pay to all of your filing woes, providing a central place to file and retrieve documents that will make filing failure a thing of the past.

2. Print costs too high

Printing costs are still one of the biggest overheads faced by companies today. Thankfully, it’s also a cost that can easily be culled. Call in the experts to regularly review the daily requirements of your team and match it to a leasing plan that will best serve your organisation’s needs. Just like taking out the wrong phone contract – an ill-fitting leasing plan can end up hiking up your print costs or see you paying for copies that you won’t ever use.

3. Can’t meet sustainability goals

Making sure everyone in your office does their bit when it comes to cutting back on printing output can be tricky – and your social responsibility objectives can fly out of the window as a result. Print control software gives a company-wide view of printing activity across your organisation and will help you establish who is printing what and when. From this insight, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for making cut-backs to your print volume and help protect the environment at the same time.

4. Print queues

Small gangs of employees huddled around the printer: It’s a common site in offices across the UK – and not an encouraging one at that. Thankfully, it is possible to put a stop to printer queues: A digital workflow that facilitates the easy sharing and processing of documents digitally encourages less printing all-round. It will certainly reduce time wasted standing in line for the printer and help cut back the overhead of unnecessary print volumes.

5. Security worries

When it comes to keeping your company data secure, it’s not just digital ambushing from far-flung hackers that pose a risk: An employee simply coming across a confidential document by accident could be all it takes to cause a company scandal. Cutting corners on document security is therefore never advisable. Look out for print control and security software with user authentication and digital signatures features for complete peace of mind.

6. Lost production due to down time

Oh no. Printer’s broken. It’s the time when work grinds to a halt, an engineer is called and impromptu cups of tea are made whilst waiting to get the show back on the road again. Of course things with working parts are likely to go wrong, so make sure you are teamed up with a supplier with a good service turnaround.  At CRS we aim for less than a two-hour call out so will get you up and running again in not time.

7. Failing to use equipment to full potential

Installing a top of the range MFD in your office if all you need is a standard printer is a bit like buying a Ferrari when all you need is a bicycle. It only makes sense if you’re going to use all those whistles and bells. Partnering with a supplier that is able to identify the needs of your team before providing the right level of system for your company’s needs is a must. As an added measure, make sure they are willing and able to supply you with the training your entire workforce needs to get the most out of your investment so those features that you pay don’t go unused.

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