At CRS, we draw on 20 years’ experience to provide complete managed document solutions for all kinds of organisation, typically cutting the overall cost of your document output processes by as much as 30%. As your businesses grows, workflow inefficiencies inevitably arise – but we can design a solution that optimises your entire document environment, saving you money and boosting productivity at the same time. We’ll not only help you cut the cost of operational necessities such as consumables and energy, but also show you how you can eliminate wastage, save staff time and reduce the burden on your own IT support. As our existing clients have already discovered, the cumulative savings can be significant…


With every office representing a unique challenge, CRS designs bespoke managed document solutions tailored entirely to your individual requirements.

The approach is always the same though, with every solution carefully comprised of five key phases – Assessment, Design, Implementation, Management and Optimisation.

In order to identify areas for waste reduction, workflow improvement and the all-important cost savings, we start by carrying out a thorough audit of your existing processes.
We’ll run in-depth data analysis and talk to stakeholders in your business too, building a complete picture of your operational processes and full understanding of your key objectives.

Phase 2 – DESIGN
Based on our findings in phase one, our solutions team will start considering the ideal combination of hardware, software and process development to optimise your environment with your end goals in mind. We’ll even establish the optimum physical position for your devices to sit, in order to maximise the efficiency of your workflows.

From the installation of hardware and software to the training of your team, the implementation phase is all about getting the solution up, running and effective with minimum disruption to your business. We’ll plan the logistics of implementation to limit downtime, and ensure that all elements of the solution are implemented in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Once implemented, we continue to take care of your new document environment, keeping your workflows at peak levels through proactive maintenance, management and support.
We take time-consuming daily admin off your hands through remote monitoring, and provide technical assistance for your fleet of devices whenever required – with quick response times ensuring a swift resolution to all issues.

Even with the solution in place, we don’t stop seeking new ways to improve your cost-cutting and print performance. Through regular reviews and ongoing monitoring, we continually assess your device fleet and workflows to identify any room for improvement. These reports allow us to quantify the business benefits we’ve promised, too – providing analysis of your uptime and your energy usage, to ensure sustainability targets are being met

It all starts with a call. If you’d like to discuss our managed document solution service, please just give us a ring on +44 (0)1235 555531 or click here to drop us a line via our enquiry form.


  • Reduced total cost of ownership: Cut your print costs by almost a third.
  • Higher productivity: Streamline document management through automated processes and advanced device management, saving your staff time.
  • Single source support: Consolidate suppliers by dealing exclusively with CRS. We’ll provide all the support you need, for all of your devices.
  • Improved environmental credentials: Reduce your carbon footprint through eco-friendly printing technology, improved recycling and disposal processes.
  • Enhanced data security: Enjoy peace of mind from solutions that keep your documents and network safe from unauthorised access.
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